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9 instinctive characteristics of humans from the perspective of the Holy Quran

9 instinctive characteristics of humans from the perspective of the Holy Quran

Nine characteristics of human nature from the point of view of the Holy Quran

In the Holy Qur’an, the Almighty God has stated the various inherent characteristics of humans many times in different surahs. As our creator, He knows all the dimensions of us humans. He has explained all the solutions that are needed to neutralize these characteristics.

These characteristics are the same in the essence of all of us humans, and everyone has these characteristics to a certain extent according to the type of upbringing in their culture.

A significant point in this regard is that if man does not change his form, like an animal that has only followed the instincts and characteristics of its past generations, it will never be able to flourish in divine talents. its

But the main issue is that we first find these characteristics that God has informed us about in ourselves and then look for ways to correct them in the way our Lord guides us.

1human is weak

We know that When a human being is born, due to his physical weakness, he needs to be nurtured and cared for for a long time. He needs education and upbringing in all dimensions. This issue points to one of the primary needs of humans, which is security. This need always exists in man, and he spends his time and money to meet this need. The root of this need is the weakness of man. God has shown us how to overcome this characteristic and cover its needs with the solutions he gave us in the Holy Quran.

2 Man is extravagant

Another characteristic God refers to in humans is that humans want more than their natural needs. We always know the actual size of our needs, but we instinctively wish for more than our needs. This characteristic always harms us, but we follow it unconsciously in ourselves.

3 Man is desperate

One of the characteristics that a person has in all cases is that he is generally disappointed in everything. Whenever something goes against his will, this characteristic is formed in him and bothers him. Many times in our lives, we have touched this issue that when even the most minor problems arise, we are discouraged and disappointed in solving them. This issue is rooted in human instinct. Suppose we are unaware of it and do not take action to eliminate this instinct. In that case, we will always be trapped in this characteristic.

4 Man is ungrateful

One of the essential characteristics of a human being is that from the very beginning when he is born, he considers the world as the center of taking care of his desires and only wishes to meet his needs.

As long as he is not taught, he will remain in his form and be ungrateful to God, who has given him this life, and to the people who have helped him on the path of growth.

Ingratitude is a characteristic that causes human suffering. If this characteristic remains in a person’s existence, he will never understand the primary meaning of life. He will always spend in solitude and darkness.

5 Humans are hasty

One of the characteristics that is evident in all stages of a person’s life is his haste. He wants to get results quickly in all cases, which makes him unable to enjoy the peace of his life. Our haste is one of the most critical parts that exist in all of us, but we pay less attention to it. We want to grow up sooner. We want to experience all the things that may even harm us sooner. Get a job soon. This rush makes us unable to taste the prominent flavor of our moments in any of the stages of our lives and to enjoy our lives in the present and stay in peace. Therefore, God, who is aware of all human characteristics, has expressed it so that we Be mindful of it and choose a way in the opposite direction of being hasty in our lives.

6 Man is stingy

In his nature, unlike the fact that he is extravagant to meet his needs, he refuses to give and donate things that he has enough. Excessive desire and keeping make him more lonely and animalistic. The more this feature is in a person, the more he is captured by his greed. This captivity causes a person not to feel the real taste of life and continuously Pursues his selfishness.

7 unfair

Since man naturally thinks about meeting his needs, he is unfair in various cases to achieve these goals. This injustice causes him to act with prejudice toward his desires. Finally, He wrongs himself because of not seeing the truth.

Allah, who is fully aware of the instinctive behavior of humans, has guided us in the direction of being just and has shown us how to observe justice in our lives.

8 Anxious

With a deep look, we will realize the point God mentioned in the Holy Quran. Man’s greed towards his life causes this anxiety, which is different in each person according to how much he follows his greed. Thoughts that are produced in human existence based on fear and worry about the future are caused by this inherent characteristic of him.

9 Ignorant

Let’s look deeply at the word “ignorant” in the Qur’an. We will realize that an “ignorant” has no control over his emotions. Because of his interest or relationship with a person or something, that thing can have an adverse and emotional effect on a person. It is a characteristic that exists in all humans, and God has informed us of its existence.

These 9 characteristics are not all the characteristics God mentioned about man in the Qur’an, and other cases will be published in future articles, hoping to God.

But the significant point that should be considered in these characteristics is that: if any of these characteristics are aggravated in a person, his features will increase in other cases. For example, an extravagant person will raise his stinginess as this process continues. For this reason, he will be more anxious from the fear of losing his assets and in a hurry to get more purchases.

On the path of growth towards monotheism, we will learn how to control all these aspects of ourselves with the ways that God Almighty has given us in the Qur’an.


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