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The highest level of creativity in each person is formed during the implementation of 2 processes. The first process is that the person can discover the main interests of his existence. This means that he can know himself completely which generally refers to self-awareness. The second process is when a person wants to know what kind of world he lives in. Because this knowledge helps him understand what actions he should take to achieve the interests that he found in the first process. This process is related to knowing the meaning of the world in which he lives. which is generally related to the field of spirituality.
In a way, when a person reaches a general self-knowledge and a general worldview, he can reach the highest level of creativity in his life. Because at this time, he knows what he wants, and he knows what actions are necessary to achieve his desire. Basically, the combination of self-awareness and spirituality will bring you to the highest level of creativity.
The course (path of power) provides you with these two supplements in 14 steps. By understanding the basic concepts presented in this course, you will be able to gain a greater understanding of how your mind works. which makes you experience more and more pure mindfulness and thus achieve a higher self-awareness. In addition, by knowing the source of the universal power and how it works, you will find the power to achieve the highest level of spirituality and inner peace in your life. So that you can make every aspect of your life the way you want it to be. Reaching this level of mindfulness, self-awareness and spirituality will bring you to the highest level of creativity in your life.

Know your mind because:

When you can be the king of your mind, you will be the king of your world

Reach the highest level of self-knowledge by knowing the main elements of your mind and how to control it. And change your life in the best possible way by controlling your mind towards the desires of your heart.

The power

as Rumi (Persian Poet) said: "I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God." By understanding the source of the power of existence, direct your mind towards unlimited thinking and feel true power in every moment of your life.

The real force is the strength of your existence that is always with you. By understanding (the path of power), you will put your life on a path of ever-increasing power.

The steps of the power path course are as follows
1. Where we stood
2. Human knowledge
3. What is power?
4. God
5. single system
6. system rules for humans
7. insight
8. places of the heart
9. Harmony with existence
10. Knowing the attributes of God
11. Faith in God
12. The best mindfulness
13. Stability of mind
14. Sustainability for the best

This course has 3 main goals
First, it brings you to the highest level of knowledge of your existence.
Second, it explains the highest level of meaning in life in the simplest possible way.
Third, it brings you to an extraordinary level of mindfulness.
Eventually, by following all the steps, you will regain your inner strength. And over time, by continuing the process, you will be freed from all your mental attachments. Because the main cause of people’s mental dependencies is people’s fear of the unknown in their lives. When you come to a correct understanding of yourself and the universe, all your fears will disappear. And this is where you will be able to live with all your being.

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The joy of reaching the highest level of creativity is greater than anything else. Imagine that you are the creator of 100% of your life.

By purchasing this course and using it, you will be sure that you have made one of the most valuable purchases of your life. Because this course erases your existential doubts as much as possible. If you love yourself and want the best results in your life, the best possible option is calling you.

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Existential mindfulness

Achieving peace of mind and finding the desires of the heart

There is not much left to reach the highest level of understanding of your inner power and start consciously creating 100% of your life. You are the creator of 100% of your life. It is enough to know your role in the universe and discover your heart's desires.

A way to get rid of all attachments and artificial fears of the mind

The path of power puts you in a position to identify the root of your thoughts. And then it offers solutions so that you can get rid of all the thoughts that cause you resentment, discomfort and fear in your life.
By continuing the exercises mentioned in the course, you will be able to continue your life path with the best possible feeling without depending on external factors.

Alex Martinez, Graphic Designer, Spain, practices Buddhism

After completing this course, I've found a profound sense of peace and clarity in my life that I never knew was possible. It's truly been a transformative experience."

Jordan Kim, Elementary School Teacher, Canada, spiritual but not affiliated with a specific religion

"This course has been a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I feel more connected to my inner self and the world around me than ever before."

Sam Thompson, Software Engineer, Australia, follows New Age spirituality

"Every lesson in this course felt like a step towards a more mindful and centered version of myself. I am grateful for the insights and practices that have brought so much light into my life."

The result of using the course

To reach the highest level of power and internal change, it does not matter what job you have or what country you are from. Also, your religion does not make a difference in the result you get from this course. You can use the concepts of the course wherever you are and get the best possible results from it.

We are here at Monotheism Academy to show you the way to become one with the only source of energy in the world. Our heart's desire is to see you at your best in every moment of your life.


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