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What is delusion ? How to stay away from delusion?

What is delusion ? How to stay away from delusion?

One of the most critical factors that hinder human growth is delusion. God the Most Merciful thoroughly explained this belief in the Holy Quran.

In this way, God has explained how to know the path by expressing various delusions.

Satan only makes them ˹false˺ promises and deludes them with ˹empty˺ hopes. Truly Satan promises them nothing but delusion. 4:120

The first question is, what is delusion?

Delusion is a thought about oneself or the surrounding world, which may be mistakenly accepted as truth by any person and eventually become a belief in him.

Where does the delusion come from?

From the definition of belief, we know that beliefs will lead human life and determine behavior. Humans get strength and energy from their beliefs to do their work and conduct. In a way, the fuel for the movement of every person in his life is provided by his beliefs about himself and the world around him. Delusion is also a type of belief. Beliefs are repetitive thought patterns in human minds. These patterns are formed from a human’s continuous attention to any subject. A repetitive incorrect thought pattern creates delusions in people’s minds. This means that the delusion is formed from the lack of awareness of the original recognition in humans.

How to tell the difference between a divine belief and a delusion?

It is vital for people who have beliefs in their existence not to be deceived by delusions in life. Divine belief considers only God as the source of energy in all existence. But in delusion, the power source will be regarded as scattered other than God.

How does a person become delusional?

The parameter that gets stuck in a person during delusion is the focus of his attention. When a person focuses his attention on any mortal thing and believes that the mortal thing is the source of his power and energy, an delusion is formed in him. Whenever the focus of human attention is given to anything other than God, who is eternal, that person is delusional.

For example, a person who focuses on a luxury car he just bought imagines he does not need God and becomes proud. A person who considers himself mortal as a source of energy due to reaching a suitable social position and becoming proud. delusional man imagines an idol as a source of energy in his life. A person who does not accept the responsibility of changing to improve his life. Because he is under the delusion that he has no role in the change and that the government is responsible for his disorderly life and considers the government the source of power in his life.

In all the examples, it was clear that the focus of the delusional person’s attention was somewhere other than his actual existence. And basically, this is the focus of human attention that can bring him closer to God and guide him to his best. Or that he pays attention to mortal things, becomes delusional, and stops himself from reaching his best.

What is the root of the difference between divine belief and delusion?

The difference between divine belief and delusion is rooted in the power of the center of attention. A person who believes in God as the best desire and source of energy in existence is connected to the principle, and until the end of his life, he can increase his belief and the amount of energy by increasing his attention to God. But a person who believes in a delusion has believed in himself or external beauty or any external object as a source of energy for his existence. Delusions usually come to humans in a beautiful form. This beautiful form can deceive a person and lead him away from the main path of his life.

What problems does a person who has delusions face?

A person fooled by delusions will make wrong judgments about others and their relationships. The more delusion remains in his belief, the more he moves away from the path of moving toward his best self. A delusional person cannot take any action to improve his behavior and morals. The reason is that a person is deceived by the things and the appearance of his life and believes them. Because they are not the best, and on the other hand, they are not always there, they cannot make that person their best self in life. No matter how much a delusional person believes in his delusion. Even if he can impose his delusion on some of his audience, he will ultimately fail in his life in front of the real power of Allah.

How to recognize the delusion?

The first thing is that the shape of the delusion always looks beautiful, like fake dreams or life possessions that a person may focus on. Initially, he may get specific energy by looking at them, but (ultimately) that power is unstable.

Delusions make a man forget God as his creator, and the man believes that he is the final determiner. Or believe that he will no longer need God to achieve his dreams. Or that he no longer needs God with the possessions of this world’s life, such as prosperity or anything else. In general, any thought that makes us feel that we do not need God or that we attribute power to anything other than God is a delusion.

How can we find our own delusions?

try to know the devil and know what things in your being make you forget the remembrance of God. Think of a time when you weren’t moving toward self-improvement and hurt yourself somehow.

In any corner of your life where you are not moving towards betterment, you are delusional because all human dimensions should always be towards God in the direction of growth and movement.

How to always try to stay away from delusion?

  1. Look for the truth of the existence of things you pay attention to many times throughout the day.

Believing in something that is impermanent and not eternal is not the truth but a delusion that has entertained you in your life. You can never trust these delusions in your life. Pay special attention only to the stable path in your life and avoid paying attention to mortal matters as much as you can.

  1. Never be deceived by material possessions or any other achievement.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be extremely grateful and happy for what you have. That is, remember that you are no different from others. Because if you believe this delusion, you will become proud and arrogant. When you are arrogant and don’t move in the direction of improving your life (eventually), you will end up with highly unpleasant feelings in your life. So try always to keep your humility.

  1. Increase your belief that you always need God until the end of your life.

Do not think that you no longer need God and forget Him because of achieving any special situation. Always know that all human beings always need God, and this is the only God who does not need anything.

  1. Do not consider anything other than God as an energy source.

Never consider anything external to be responsible for your life. There is no external power in changing the life of any human being. Consider only God as the source of your energy as the truth. and do not attribute extraordinary power to any object, person, or anything else.


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