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who is ignorant person and how can we get away from ignorance?

who is ignorant person and how can we get away from ignorance?

Ignorance is one of the factors that exist in every human being. According to God’s statement in the Holy Quran, all human beings have ignorant personalities in their ego. But the main question here is that.

  What is the central concept of ignorance?

Ignorance means empty of any information and knowledge. A born child has no knowledge or information about the environment and the world around him. And parents and society give him wisdom and information so that the child knows what is essential in his life and what is unimportant. He is ignorant, and society tries to make the child aware.

The information a person receives determines what to prioritize, give importance to, and strive for. It is different for each person according to their life situation and conditions.

  But among all the people, who is the ignorant person?

An ignorant person is a person who has not been able to distinguish the main from the secondary in his life. An ignorant person is a person who acts emotionally in all cases. In his life, he tries in a direction that does not affect obtaining the desired final result, which causes him not to be able to try to improve himself and the world around him. The words and behavior of others constantly influence ignorant people. An innocent person may have the highest and best feelings for a while and the lowest possible. An ignorant person cannot understand the depth of the moment because his mind is filled with the words and actions of others. The feeling of remorse and regret is the constant companion of an ignorant person because he is always in doubt about his actions and behavior. Unaware people deal with people according to sensory and undefined criteria; according to these criteria, they differentiate from different people in their behavior. And other signs by which you can recognize who is an ignorant person.

  The question is, what is the difference between a knowledgeable person and an ignorant person?

The difference is that an informed person knows the original in his life and distinguishes between the initial and the secondary. But an ignorant person does not see the truth in his life. When someone does not know what is at the core of his life, he uses the energy that God has given him in the secondary path. He ultimately does not reach his best and will look at his life with a look full of longing and regret. A knowledgeable person only cares about the original and focuses on the principle throughout his life. Still, an ignorant person gives importance to infinite different aspects. As a result, in the end, there is no achievement left for him. What are the principles and principles in human life is a question different people have searched for in all eras.

With some thinking, one can realize that the principle is a permanent constant, and the sub constantly changes or transforms. In this world, everything except Allah is changing. All the stars, all the plants, animals, and humans, and all the phenomena of existence are changing and transforming. From this point, we become aware that everything and everyone other than God is considered subservient. So, the more a person pays attention to the side effects, the more his ignorance increases, and he moves away from his best state and result.

We should know that we don’t have knowledgeable or ignorant people. We are always moving in this range of awareness and ignorance. Only Allah has absolute knowledge. To the extent that a person takes his attention away from the secondary aspects and pays attention to the original, God, he distances himself from ignorance and unhappiness in the same proportion.

  How can we get away from ignorance?

  1. Always remember God as the original: your responsibility is to maintain and control the focus of your attention. The more you can remember God, who is the best of you, the less you will pay attention to secondary issues and vice versa. Because you comprehend this issue, if you know your best at any time, you can find your distance from him, and at the moment, you will try to be beside him.
  2. Look at the root of the issues you are worried about; if they are not related to your existence, throw them away; they are minor. This will make you know more about yourself and your behavior. Ultimately, it allows you to control more of your attention to the secondary and asks you to pay attention to the main thing.

3 Know the laws of God, which are always original, and obey them. It is the best thing you can do to get rid of ignorance. When you realize the principle and commit to it, your whole life will move in the direction of the movement of the world, i.e., growth and improvement.

4 Do not compare yourself with anyone. The comparison makes you forget the main criterion, God, and enter entirely fake and infinitely many sub-factors. Comparing yourself with other people makes your assessment of your existence wrong. Remember that what you see in other people’s lives is only an appearance.


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